Chocolate eggs during Easter Holidays!

I always cook chocolate eggs during Easter holidays at home. They are delicious and are typical of this time of the year! Do you like to join me and make them? You can ask for help at home!

These are the ingredients you need:

-       400 gm of dark chocolate/ milk chocolate (the one you like)

-       100 gm of White chocolate


-       Eggs-shaped moulds

-       Small suprise gifts to put inside the eggs


10-15 min of preparation

1,5 h of waiting time


1. You have to melt the dark/milk chocolate in the microwave or in a double boiler.

2. After that, stir until you have a smooth mixture.

3. Then you have to fill the moulds with the chocolate and placed in the fridge.

We take a break! We wait an hour so the chocolate gets tough and we can remove the eggs from the moulds.

4. After the break, we put a surprise inside of one of the two halves of the egg. Choose cool things!

5. Now we brush the edge of this half with melted chocolate and put the other half above it. We now have our egg!

6. Finally, we melt the white chocolate to decorate the eggs. We can spread on it as we like and then placed on the fridge another half and hour.

How was it? You can send me pictures of your chocolate eggs at! I’m sure they are quite original!