Hairstyles with curly hair!

Hi everybody!

How is your week going? How is school? Lot of homework?

Today I want to talk you about hairstyles! With a small nunace… Hairstyles for curly hair! As you all know I have straight hair but, it’s ok, we can achieve everything.

If your hair is as straight as mine you have two options:

- Ask your mom to put some curlers in your hair.

- Sleep with one or two braids in order to curl your hair.

Now you have thousands of options:

- wear your hair loose. It looks great!

- two ponytails. You can also put another hair band below the first one.

- one side ponytail. I love it for parties and events!

- wear your hair loose and put a lock of hair up with a hairpin.

And that’s it! Which is your favourite? Do you have any other ideas?

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