I got my costume for Halloween!

Only two days for Halloween!

I have to tell you something… Finally I’m not going to wear none of the four costumes I showed you some days ago. My mom gave me a new one for this year, a Crystal Princess one. You can check it in the pictures, it’s beautiful!

It’s made up of two parts: a white and blue fullness skirt with silver glitter. The top has the same colors, three bows in the middle and short and pleated sleeves.

The accessories for this costume are awesome too! See-through shoes, like a real princess, and an amazing crown with a blue stone in the middle. The earrings are two silver pearls and the necklace a white belt with a little blue stone.

What do you think? Do you like it? I’m so excited about wearing this dress on Saturday!

Do you have your costumes ready?

Write me at eldiariodenancy@famosa.es!