I’m wearing a…

Hi everybody!

How was Carnival weekend? Did you have fun? I had a really good time! I spent both afternoons with my friends in the street, enjoying the Carnival parade, the music and the colorful city. We met lot of school colleagues and we all created a great group.

Let’s talk now about the important thing today. My costume! Most of you were right in the emails you have sent me during these last days. This year I have worn my Nancy Funtastic Horse costume. It’s full of colors and fantasy and I look like a fairy.

I also dyed my hair with purple and orange colors and I made up one of my face sides with two glitter stars. Do you like it? I think it looked great!

My friends were also pretty and good looking.

What about you? Tell me about your Carnival plans!

Write me at eldiariodenancy@famosa.es!