Plan 7: learn new Christmas vocabulary in Spanish

Today is the last day of school before Christmas break! Every year we prepare a big snack party in the morning and then the teachers give us the the first quarter grades. I’ve passed all the subjects! What about you? After we use to stay talking and playing before going home. We come back the 7th of January!

We learnt some Christmas vocabulary in our last Spanish class! Today I want to share the words with you and maybe you can use it during the holidays with your family and friends.



Merry Christmas = Feliz Navidad

Happy New Year= Feliz año nuevo

Christmas Eve= Nochebuena

New Year’s Eve= Nochevieja

Santa Claus= Papa Noel

Three Wise Men= Tres Reyes Magos

Nativity scene= Belén

Christmas tree= árbol de Navidad

Decorations = adornos

Snowman= muñeco de nieve

Bells= campanas

Carol= villancico

Christmas cards= tarjetas de Navidad

Gifts/presents= regalos

Toys= juguetes


I wish you all the best for these days and happy holidays! I will continue writing you with my Christmas plans.

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