Preparing Mother’s Day!

Next Sunday is Mother’s Day in some countries (Spain, Portugal…). Do you have everything prepared? I want to give you some cool ideas, for the lazy ones who leave things undone till the last moment. I’m sure you will like to surprise your mom with a handmade present.

This year I have the following ideas:

Jeweler: my mom loves jewelry and I’m sure yours too. I think it’s a good idea to have all the necklaces and bracelets in a beautiful box.

Necklace: As I told you before, my mom likes so much jewelry so it will be a success for sure.

Poem: Who doesnt’s like a poem written by their little ones?

Flower: make a paper flower is very easy and makes the person very happy. Plus it’s always a good complement!

Key ring: to remember you eveytime your mom pick her keys to get in and out of home.

Cool greeting card: It’s your mom’s big day so surprise her with a great and cool greeting card.

Have you choose your present already? What are you waiting for! You still have three days to make a very special present for your mom. You can show me the results at!