Spanish lessons: actividades de verano

August is here! It’s my favorite month of the year! How is your summer going? Are you excited for the school to start? This week Anabella joined my Spanish lesson. We had the class outside again, at a beautiful terrace full of flowers. We learn different verbs related to summer activities. Here you have some examples:

Nadar= to swim

Escalar= to climb

Jugar= to play

Hacer camping= to go camping

Ir en bici= to ride a bike

Surfear= to go surfing

Navegar= to sail

Viajar= to travel

What kind of activities do you like to do during summer? Do you know the translation in Spanish? Send me some sentences at!

Here you have mine!

En verano me gusta hacer todo tipo de actividades: nadar, escalar, surfear… pero sobre todo ¡viajar!

During summer I like to practice all kind of activities: swimming, climbing, surfing…. especially traveling!