Spanish lessons: vocabulario de otoño

Spanish lessons are here again! And there is nothing better than starting with new seasonal vocabulary. Autumn! Do you know any words already?

We have learnt some words related to the weather, like season, rain, cold… and also specific words of this season, like chestnuts, autumnal, leaves

Check out here the full list:

Estación: Season
Otoño: Autumn
Otoñal: Autumnal
Lluvia: Rain
Frío: Cold
Castaña: Chestnut
Hoja/Hojas: Leaf / Leaves
Rama/Ramas: Branch / Branches
Árbol: Tree
Paisaje: Landscape

Can you try practicing with me and send me some sentences using this vocabulary at

Here you have my sentence!

Me gusta comer castañas en otoño= I like to eat chestnuts in autumn