Spanish lessons: vocabulario de verano

This week I have had my Spanish class outside. I loved the plan! I think it’s such a great idea to get out of the classroom, enjoy the good weather and have a different lesson.

Taking advantage of the summer, we have learned vocabulary related to this season, the beach and the sun. Do you know any word?

Here you have the list of words I learned!

Verano= Summer
Playa= Beach
Piscina= Swimming pool
Toalla= Towel
Bañador= Swimsuit
Chanclas= Flip-flops
Gafas de sol= sunglasses
Helado= Ice-cream
Crema solar= sunscreen
Arena= sand
Calor= hot
Vacaciones= holidays
Tomar el sol= sunbathe
Sol= sun

Do you know any different word or expression? Can you try practicing with me and send me some sentences using this vocabulary at

Here you have my sentence!

En vacaciones me gusta ir a la playa= During my holidays, I like to go to the beach