Well structured organization during school year

Hello everybody!

How is your Monday going? Excited about the new week at school? How is the new school year going?

Today I want to dedicate my post to the importance of having a good and structured organization during school months. School time means a big physical and emotional wear and that’s why we must take care about our nutrition and rest to perform at school.

Here you have some advices/ideas for everyday:

- Have a good breakfast. You will have energy for the whole day! It’s important to eat five times a day, including some snack around mid-morning and in the afternoon.

- Go to bed early. I’m sure your day is full of activities. You need to sleep enough hours!

- Practise sport. It’s good to get some exercises, you will feel better.

- Leave some time to play. After doing your homework, look for free time with friends.

And that’s it! There is time for everything with a good organization!

You can give me some advices/ ideas at eldiariodenancy@famosa.es!